Free Fringe Talk - Environmental activists Amy (14) and Ella (12) on Being Plastic Clever

Why kids shouldn't wait until their grown up before they make their voices heard.



11 Mar '18 | 3:30pm


11 Mar '18 | 4:00pm

About two years ago, Amy and Ella Meek, decided that they couldn’t sit back and do nothing about the amount of single-use plastic pollution they were seeing going to landfill, onto our streets, flowing into our rivers, and reaching the far reaches of our world oceans. They were appalled by the images of dead Albatros chicks full of plastic, saddened by turtles, dolphins, whales and fish entangled by netting and seen ingesting plastic debris. And then there was THAT video about the turtle and the plastic straw. At this time, they were also learning that plastic never biodegrades, it never goes away but instead breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, and that the seafood we eat, is very likely to have nano plastics (and the toxins they attract) in it. YUM! And to make matters worse, they learnt about the difference between closed-loop recycling and down-cycling, and that plastic bottles of water and fizz, in the main, contain ZERO recycled plastic in them – despite being led to believe they do! Together they worked to have a positive impact on the single plastic issue and Amy and Ella set up Kids Against Plastic, a youth social action project. Join them for a short talk to find out how everyone can play their part by becoming Plastic Clever, and how kids wanting to get involved further can become members of the Kids Against Plastic Crew.