Free Fringe Talk - Pete Hill 'I May Be Gone For Some Time'

The story of Pete's 10 month, 5,000 mile walk around the British coast illustrated with photos from his International Photography Award Winning book.
Folkestone? But not as we know it.



11 Mar '18 | 2:00pm


11 Mar '18 | 2:30pm

A brief wander through the occasionally mischievous thoughts and experiences of Pete Hill who, in 2014, walked over 5,000 miles in under 10 months around the coast of mainland Britain. Pete doesn't take himself too seriously in his ramblings but clearly loves his photography and will accompany his brief talk with a selection of spectacular photos from his International Photography Award winning book - 'I May Be Gone For Some Time' (Vertebrate Publishing). What others have said: "The enormous variety in the UK's coastline, from quiet estuaries to rugged cliffs, from desolate seaside towns to tourist-packed beaches, is superbly represented in this book. Perhaps to see a real cross-section of the UK you have to walk around its circumference....it's a glossy coffee-table book, lavishly illustrated with dozens of photographs, including some really good double-page shots. For this reason, and because the text itself has been adapted from Peter Hill's hugely popular blog, this is very much a book to dip in and out of as well as read cover to cover. Alex Roddie - UKHillWalking "Having read most of the books published about people travelling around the coast of Britain via foot, bike, car or boat l would say that this is one of the best both in terms of content and in particular the colour photographs." - Karen Humphries "A fabulous book. I had read some bits of Pete's blog and knew I loved the way he wrote and particularly his photos. I wanted to see more and I was not disappointed. Whether you are into long distance walking or not his day by day joys and tribulations along with descriptions of the scenery and folk he meets along the way will enthral you. Easy to dip into and I'm choosing my next holiday destinations as I come across places I haven't visited and realise what I've missed." - Amazon