Hazel Findlay: Mind Control

With a surgeon about to slice into her shoulder, Hazel has to contemplate the biggest challenge of all: a life without climbing.
Hazel Findlay climbing Mind Control (8c).



Jen Randall


Alex Messenger


Hazel Findlay



Running time

18 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

What happens when a world-famous climber is forced to stop climbing due to a serious shoulder injury? Award-winning filmmaker Jen Randall captures pro climber Hazel Findlay’s empowering road to recovery. Fascinating reflections on identity emerge from this refreshingly honest and uplifting documentary.

Ruth Farrar

When you love your sport it’s so hard to be injured. This film follows professional climber Hazel Findlay on the road to recovery after a shoulder operation. Impressive to see her positivity and determination to emerge from the injury both physically and mentally stronger.

Anna Paxton

Mind Control is a new BMC TV film by the award-winning Jen Randall. This is a personal and revealing portrait into the demands of being a pro climber. Features unique behind-the-scenes footage and inspiring shots of one of Hazel's hardest sends: Mind Control (8c) at Oliana.