Sport climber and a mother of two kids sets herself a new goal - to climb the route that no women has ever done before.
"Mama" poster



Wojtek Kozakiewicz

Running time

45 minutes

Country / Nationality


"Mama" is the most personal film from all I've created over the years. It explores parts of ours life that few years ago were completely unknown for me - being a parent and maintaining progress in your passion. My passion is the same as Kinga's - main character of the film. Climbing changed my life 13 years ago and now becoming a father in November I need to adjust to that new role. Making that film showed me that anything is possible. Kinga is the very first women in the world to be a mother of two kids and maintain world-class level sending 9a sport climbing route. Witnessing Kinga's climb live and being able to share it with the audience is a really special experience.