A quirky profile on Remi Bonnet, one of the rising stars on the international trail running scene.
Remi Bonnet at home in Switzerland



Dean Leslie


Hannah Slezacek, Dean Leslie



Running time

5 minutes

Country / Nationality

Switzerland, South Africa

Our Judges say:

A fun, informative and quirky film about the highly likeable Swiss runner and ski mountaineer Remi Bonnet. Beautiful cinematic mountain shots will make you want to head to the Swiss alps immediately!

Claire Maxted Claire Maxted

And a to start is the big ridge shot and another ridge shot and the next ridge shot and then back over for the final ridge shot.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

Rémi Bonnet burst onto the international trail running scene only a couple of years ago. A 2015 Salomon Running Academy young gun, Rémi went on to become the Skyrunner World Series VK champion at just 20 years old. Living in the charming Swiss village of Charmey, Remi is quiet and unassuming.The film is a tongue in cheek, quirky profile on one of the up and coming stars of trail running.