Wheel Love

A message from home, created in the orange months. Wheel Love is about friendship, creativity and good times.
Feel the love, share the buzz.



Josh Bryceland

Running time

28 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Bikeing and local legends. Gust they just want to take the piss and trow down.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

We are a group of friends brought together by bicycles. Living in and around Sheffield, we take great pride in our beautiful city and the broad spread of talent in sports and other creative outlets that stems from it, this provided huge inspiration to show what 'home' means for us. Until Autumn of 2017 the plans of creating a film have never become much more than an "imagine if". It's thanks to the levels of commitment and passion from the group of friends we are lucky to have around us that this project finally took root. The project stretched over 3 months - this time consisted of digging, filming, editing... hurting, recovering. Wheel love means a hell of a lot to us, it's something that we can always look back on and appreciate the amazing times we had crashing and trying again. Sheffield, we are lucky to have you... let's all get outside and enjoy this truly unique area. Please enjoy our film, Wheel Love. Thankyou.