ShAFF Guide

Why Come To ShAFF?

Over 100 Films, 5 Big Screens, 1 Weekend. 9-11 Mar, Sheffield UK
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© Jake Thompson

Why come to ShAFF? It's a good question as there's plenty going on. It's a very busy weekend of outdoor-themed activities and competitions in the city which has been branded as the Outdoor Weekender. 

What sets ShAFF apart is that it's based in the Showroom Cinema which is right in the heart of things, literally in the city centre close to the main transport terminals. We want you to make the most of this unique weekend. Go do your activity, or compete in your chosen discipline, but when you've finished, grab a shower and head on over and be entertained. We've carefully programmed the content around the other stuff that's going on so you should be able to make the most of your time regardless of what your chosen discipline is. 

Come down get immersed for the whole weekend or just swing by for an hour and catch the Adventure Bites Loop which runs all weekend. Bring the kids for the Young Adventurers sessions or head for the  Adrenaline Films sessions in the evenings and watch a hand-curated compilation of the best short action films from the past year on a big screen and with big sound.

Above all, ShAFF is an internationally renowned event which draws people from all over the British Isles. It's a chance to socialise, watch films, chat, eat, drink ShAFF beer, listen to talks, get inspired, learn stuff, and to party!

Hope to see you there.

Matt Heason, festival director.