1500 Miles

Amputee athlete Nicole Ver Kuilen is swimming, biking, and running from Seattle to San Diego. The question is: will her prosthesis survive the journey?



Chris Duncan


Jess Vogel, Larry Landis, Nicole Ver Kuilen

Running time

17 minutes

Country / Nationality

United States

Our Judges say:

An Inspiring human powered trans- American adventure

Jimmy Hyland

Inspirational film about overcoming enormous challenges. But also really interesting and quite geeky about how you deal with being an amputee while running and cycling,

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Heartwarming and optimistic film highlighting the challenges of amputee athletes to find suitable prosthetics.

Simon Taylor

"This 1,500 mile journey was the biggest athletic feat I had ever attempted. I faced the same challenges any able-bodied athlete would – fatigue, pain, even fear. But doing it on a prosthesis built only for walking meant I was putting my health and mobility at risk. I had to ask myself: at what point should I give up on my goals to be a better athlete?" – Nicole Ver Kuilen Nicole started this project – known as “Forrest Stump” – as a 1,500 mile journey down the coast to bring awareness to the challenges amputees face. This film is an extension of Forrest Stump’s mission: we will show the limitations of prosthetics and encourage support for a greater standard of care. The only obstacle standing between Nicole and the completion of her 1,500 mile journey is her prosthetic. With the advances being made in prosthetics – this does not need to be the case. While the media highlights vast improvements in prosthetic technology, the “activity-specific” prosthetics are inaccessible to most amputees. Although Nicole has been an athlete her whole life and is categorized as a K4 amputee (the highest activity level), insurance denies requests for anything besides a walking leg and K3 foot.