Keep Busy

The difference between being alone and being on your own.
Alone or on your own?


Running time

2 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Great call to action in this film. One for the archives to remember the mental challenges of the 2020/21 pandemic.

Simon Taylor

Get out and do it!

Jimmy Hyland

Crackling short adrenaline movie. Good sound.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

During the recent pandemic we were instructed to stay in quarantine and limit our social contacts, which left many people on their own. Yet there is a big difference between being ALONE and being LONELY. In a way, this strange times, where also an opportunity to rediscover yourself and do the things we usually do not have time for. Keeping busy and being out in the nature always calms our inner fears and opens up different, more positive channels in our brains. So keep pushing, keep dreaming, keep creating, keep smiling and most importantly, KEEP BUSY! The video was made during quarantine of 2020, in the mids of movement restrictions, thus the whole project is made in municipality of Kranj. All artists joined the project on voluntary basis, as an answer to cancellations and losing work in the arts, musical and also sports industries. In the style of the video itself, everyone included wished to “keep busy” and joined forces in hope that the project inspires the viewers to do the same!

Sustainability Notes

Our project is dedicated to the sustainability of the mind more than the environment, although bicycling is already one of the "greenest" activities and means of transportation. Additionally, it clears ones mind and a positive outlook on life with the influence of the great outdoors, might just wake a little more care about our Mother Nature. The whole project was filmed in a single city area, thus using nothing more than one car for transportation and on location everything was traveled on foot. Also the cablecam and drones are electricity powered.