87 DAYS - Alone Rowing the Pacific

'The greatest psychological challenge of my life', this film is an epic story of survival; endlessly harrowing, ultimately triumphant.



Lia Ditton & Danielle Sellwood


Lia Ditton

Running time

35 minutes

Country / Nationality


Midnight, 17 June 2020, Lia Ditton rowed alone under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and out into open ocean. 

 Almost three months later, Lia made landfall in Hawaii before sunrise, setting a new record as the fastest and youngest woman to row the mid-Pacific Ocean. 

Sharks circled her boat. Twice she nearly drowned. 87 Days: Alone Rowing the Pacific is one woman’s epic story of survival; endlessly harrowing, ultimately triumphant. 

Sustainability Notes

Lia's row to Hawaii was a self-powered ocean crossing. All power for essential items, such as the watermaker and communications came from solar panels. The boat was third-hand (formerly John Beeden's 'Socks,' formerly Sarah Outen's, 'Happy Socks'). The GoPros were borrowed and very few items were new. In terms of production, we did not fly to Hawaii to capture footage, but used local talent. We chose not to recreate any of the footage or fly back to locations to get B-Roll, but to only use footage captured during the row. This was challenging, but made the film 100% authentic. We are a small team, just Lia and myself, working from Bath and Bristol, with post production support from Films @59 in Bristol.