Journey to Jagdula

Six women became the first to climb and map a remote region in western Nepal in 1962.
Photo: Josephine Scarr



Jordan Carroll


Jordan Carroll, Hilary Lawrenson


National Lottery Heritage Fund

Running time

14 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

With The Pinnacle Club celebrating their centenary this film celebrates the success of a group of their earlier members who took part in an expedition in the 1960's to a remote part of Nepal, and were the first ever people to summit and map a region of peaks in the Kanjiroba Himal. A place they called Jagdula. 6 women took part in the journey with some driving overland from the UK to India, before hiking through the foothills of the Himalayas to their destination. The two sole survivors of the group recount their tale from their homes in north Wales. A sweet film that celebrates women's climbing and shows what's possible with little more than a dream. Featuring original archive material from the expedition. The film was commissioned by The Pinnacle Club with Lottery funding and Directed by Jordan Carroll. Sustainability Notes I calculated the my emissions by using the recommended MacKay Carbon Calculator. I then offset them using my account with Ecologi.