Private Freefall

You might be able to string a rope right across the massive Slanghoek Amphitheatre, but why would you possibly want to jump off it?



Roberto Colombo


Roberto Colombo


Slackgear ZA

Running time

11 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

After two long days of climbing deep in the western cape mountains of South Africa, Andrew Court, along with Teodor Iliev and Charlie Standing, top out of the 550m Slanghoek amphitheater. When it instantly dawns on him, that he has found the perfect location for his long lived dream of of building a mega freefall. In front of him lies an amphitheater hosting a perfect V-shaped chasm, which gets Andy’s gears turning and sets in motion the planning of this project. Private Freefall is the journey of discovery and creation of a dream amongst a rag tag team of friends assembled by Andy. After multiple recce’s and two days of rigging, all that is left is to jump...

Sustainability Notes

For both the climb, recce and jump, the everything was walked in and out by foot, 4h each way.