Free at Last

Climber Will Bosi's journey from heartbreak in competition to finding new heights on rock.
Will Bosi climbing Scotland's hardest sport route, Free at Last 9a+, Dumbarton


Running time

14 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

Will Bosi was one of the UK's very best male Sport Climbing athletes. In 2018, Will became the first British male athlete to make a Lead Climbing final in nearly 30 years and in 2020, he just missed out on a spot at the Tokyo Olympics. However competing at the highest level came at a price and Will made the difficult decision to step away from the limelight of competition to pursue a career outside. This film charts Will's journey walking away from competition to finding new heights outdoors. The film features Will's journey to Czech Republic to explore the Moravsky Kras region under tutelage from icon Adam Ondra through to Will's iconic ascent of the hardest Sport Climbing route in his homeland, Free at Last 9a+ which marked a key milestone in his journey from the pressures of competition to creating his own path and his own identity outdoors.