Climb Films 3 - Adam Ondra: Pushing The Limits

ShAFF presents the award winning feature film about the world's best climber
Film: Adam Ondra - Pushing The Limits


Running time

91 minutes




Sunday 5 Mar '23 | 10:45am Screen 3

Adam Ondra is one of the best climbers today and a true virtuoso, who has tackled the world’s most difficult rocks and walls. A shy introvert-turned-famous-sports-icon, his desire to climb has changed into the obligation to win. As Adam prepares for sport climbing’s debut at the Olympics in Tokyo, we observe the influence of commercial pressure, mass media and the audience longing for a spectacle on both his personal life and the sport itself. 

ADAM ONDRA: PUSHING THE LIMITS is a breathtaking, intimate look into the life and career of a man who is one with his passion.

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