Climb Films 2

The second of five Climb Films sessions at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) 2023, this one screens a collection of the best new short climbing films from around the world.
Film: Cenote


Running time

92 minutes




Saturday 4 Mar '23 | 4:15pm Screen 3

The second of five Climb Films sessions at ShAFF 2023, this one screens a collection of the best new shorter climbing films with a climbing stories from around the world.

The sesion includes Reel Rock: Cenote exploring otherworldly limestone sinkholes of Mexico, Pass It On: Michelle LeBlanc shares the love of Squamish climbing by leading imaginary expeditions, and La Bavaresse follows Sheffield-based pro climber Steve McLure on a recent trip to Sardinia. This Is Beth celebrates how professional climber Beth Rodden transformed cruel self talk to rediscover the love of her sport and herself, and in Rise one climber shares how climbing in a Welsh quarry makes her mentally and physically stronger. From hand sized splitters and chicken wings to whole body wriggles, The Last Forgotten Art follows crack climbing aficionados in their pursuit of unusual ‘off-width' climbs in the Peak District, while in STACKED Scottish climber Robbie Phillips tells it how it really is... there's a thing inside all climbers that loves adventure, forgets the suffering and only remembers the good times!

Other Climb Films sessions include two feature films Adam Ondra: Pushing The Limits and An Accidental Life, Climb Films 1 (another collection of short films), and a special Made In Sheffield - Climb Films screening of the best new climbing films Made In Sheffield this year.