Women rewriting history at the Tour de France
"This isn't just for our team. This is for girls on bikes everywhere."



Alexis Tymon, Ben Crocker



Running time

6 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

Our Judges say:

Terrific, artistic film on women's professional cycling

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

The Tour de France has been the world's most iconic cycling race for over 100 years. The winners make millions of euros, the race lasts for over 3 weeks, hundreds of riders cover the most widely televised kilometres of France's best road biking, lined with media and tourists who flock in their thousands. This isn't true for all professional cyclists though. Most female cyclists struggle to make a living through the sport alone. Many holding down second or third jobs, competing for little prize money with no sponsorship or televised media. 2022 might be the year that changes that. After years of campaigning from the female peloton and sports activists, the long-awaited Women's Tour de France has arrive, and with it an opportunity to rewrite history. Our short film, MOMENTUM tells the story of one of the women's teams, Liv Racing Xstra, as they prepare to compete in the world's most iconic cycling race. As one of the two longest-active teams in the women’s peloton, Liv Racing Xstra have always been a driving force of professionalism in women’s cycling. In 2022 - a year that's set to be a historic turning point for women’s cycling - they're hungrier than ever to make their mark. Told through the words of the athletes, our latest short film explores how women’s cycling is evolving, and what needs to happen next to create a more equal future for the sport and inspire the next generation of cyclists desperately needed in this sport.

Sustainability Notes:

In terms of production, the impact of the crew's carbon footprint was kept as small as possible - a crew of 4 flew to Barcelona to film the cyclists at their winter training camp and this was the only travel that was undertaken for the production. Voiceovers were recorded remotely and pick-up shots were captured locally to the filmmakers.

Thematically this film has a positive environmental story - on a wider level, riding a bicycle, or cycling, has many benefits - ranging from personal, to economic, to social, to environmental and more. Ultimately this film hopes to promotes an activity that encourages better mental and physical health as well as reducing an individual's carbon footprint through a change of means of transport and travel.