Young Adventurers Films 1

Family Friendly films every generation of adventurers can enjoy together.
Riding The Rails Poster image showig two cyclists and a dog on a home made contraption cycling along a disused railyway line
Film: Riding The Rails


Running time

62 minutes




Friday 3 Mar '23 | 5:30pm Screen 3

Sunday 5 Mar '23 | 10:30am Screen 1

Young Adventurers 1 presents a family friendly selection of the best new films suitable for the younger generation.

This session of ten short films includes a real variety of adventure, from surfing in Raw, to Running in One Rep At A Time, and freerunning in Connor. Wolf provides eye-catching ski action, while Riding The Rails brings home-made adventure inspiration.

This session is complemented by Young Adventurers 2, both are especially suitable for Primary school age children and their families to enjoy together.