One Rep at a Time

A film exploring mental health in athletics.
The start line. Photographer: Grant Archer Location: Trafford Athletics Track



Che Eviénè


Che Eviénè

Running time

7 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

Our Judges say:

Great script giving insight of the mind-games of a competitive athlete.

Simon Taylor

'One Rep at a Time' was written, directed and performed by Che Eviénè with help from videographer and editor, Grant Archer, and a number of athletes. The film was created in an attempt to voice important issues around mental health within athletics and raise awareness of a side of the sport which is often overlooked. The film had a £0.00 budget and was created as part of Che's dissertation for drama school. 'One Rep at a Time' was released for Mental Health Awareness week in May 2022. Athletics Weekly released an article about the film which can be accessed here.

Sustainability Notes:

The film was made with a £0.00 budget and was filmed in 2 short filming sessions. Very few people were involved, and everybody who was involved was local to the area of filming and therefore little travel was required.