The Last Ski Maker in Scotland

The uncertain future of skiing in Scotland has inspired Jamie Kunka to make sustainable skis out of wood.
A dark figure is outlined as they carry skis across a small bridge throguh a snowy landscape past a lone tree


Running time

6 minutes

Country / Nationality

Scotland, UK

Our Judges say:

Does exactly what it says on the tin: a film about a Scottish man who makes skis, where he shows you how he does it. Utterly compelling and gorgeous.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

A beautiful film to watch.

Simon Taylor


Jimmy Hyland

Jamie began teaching himself how to make his wooden skis after watching a Vimeo Staff Pick by Wyatt Visuals about a wooden-surfboard maker in Vancouver Island, Canada. Ten years on, The Last Ski Maker in Scotland is part homage to this original film and part a celebration of the power of film to inspire us all. It is a film about chosing to live life your own way, living your values, and learning to be part of the place you are in. It's also a film about how much we can all learn, change and do. Jamie is a quietly inspiring human being and the film tries to take a lead from him. The Last Ski Maker in Scotland was produced, shot, directed, and editing by Euan Wilding. Jamie is still the only ski-maker in Scotland.

Sustaiability Notes:

The Skis in the film are themselves sustainable, using local wood instead of plastics and fibreglass. I live near Jamie so we generally cycled around between locations during the shoot. All of the editng and post production was done at my home studio so the carbon footprint of the whole project must be just the energy to power my kit, Jamie's machinary, and the cups of coffee that kept us going. There was no crew, it was just me and Jamie so it's pretty much the definition of low impact, low budget filmmaking.