Alpkit & Front Runner Night Run

A night run around Sheffield City



17 Mar '17 | 7:45pm


17 Mar '17 | 9:00pm

Friday night of ShAFF will see a night run taking place from the Showroom conveniently timed to get back in time to watch 'Run Films 1' at 21:30. The run is being organised by Sheffield running shop Front Runner and local club The Steel City Striders.

The run will cost £10. Included in this is an Alpkit Gamma head torch worth £21 and a Buff as well as a run around our fantastic city!

There will be 2 run options. These will vary in their length and speed. All the details about each run are below.

Run 1.

Around 7 miles long

Rough pacing will be 8-9 minute miling.

The route will take in a number of the green spaces near to the city centre. Visiting parks such as Crookesmoor and Norfolk as well as a quick nip through the General Cemetery.

Run 2.

4 miles

Around 4 miles in length

Aiming to stay around 11 minute miling.

Similar to the first, we’ll take in a few of the green spaces near to the city centre but won’t be going quite as far afield and will do our best to avoid any of the really steep hills!.

Key information for both runs.

Meet. The Workstation at 19.45.

Depart. 20.00pm

Return. Between 20.40 – 21.10

Everyone who comes along get a head torch and Buff to use and then keep.

Please bring your most High-visibility clothing. There will be some hi-viz vests to borrow but we don’t have enough for everyone.

We do ask that everyone signs a disclaimer before taking part. This is to ensure that everyone is in good health and understands that there are inherent risks involved when running, especially around a city centre!

If you’ve any more questions about the runs then please email Steve at Front Runner.

Tickets Here.