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In 2014 Rob spent three weeks in the Everest region working as a porter on the legendary trail to Base Camp.
Rob Fraser with his adapted bag called Vera carrying a porter load high up in the Nepali Himalalyas ( Ama Dablam peak behind)



Rob Fraser


Rob Fraser

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23 minutes

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Our Judges say:

What a great insight into life of porters in nepal.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

Excellent and highly enjoyable film about a British guy who does a stint as a Himalayan porter. Eye opening, challenging, a bit shocking, but heart warming and fun. Recommended.

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Ever wondered what it must be like to work as a porter in the Himalayas? Well Kendal-based photographer and mountain guide Rob Fraser did so he set out to find out for himself.

Rob walked for up to 8 hours each day in hot and dusty conditions. By the second day his calves were sore, his shoulders hurt and both feet were in a bit of a mess. And he had a horrible sore spot develop on the base of my spine. "I seriously questioned my sanity as to what I was doing there."

There were two motives behind the project. Firstly, Rob wanted to shine a light on the hard work that the porters do to support the dreams of trekkers to get high into the Himalayas and, secondly, he wanted to see if he as a relatively fit 51-year-old bloke could cope with the rigours of the work. He somehow made it and came back with a greater respect for the people who are the backbone of the mountain economy.

The idea came to Rob a dream whilst he was leading a trek in Limi, a time-static valley nudged up into the far west of Nepal. Be careful what you dream of...