ShAFF Mobile Cinema Truck

100-seater Cinema Truck at ShAFF.

Imagine a big truck. Lift the back end up. Now extend the sides outwards so that it's three times it's usual width. Line it with comfy seats and put in a big cinema screen, a surround sound system and some snazzy projection equipment.

We're pretty excited to announce that this year there will be a mobile 100-seater Cinema Truck at ShAFF.

It will be located on the concourse outside Sheffield Train Station for the duration of the weekend. 

Your ticket will tell you which screen your chosen session is in. Currently programmed for the Cinema Truck are:

Friday - Ski & Board Films 1 | Run Films 1

Saturday - Young Adventurers Films 1 | Young Adventurers Films 2 | Too Cool For School | Teen Screen | Surf & Kayak Films | Ski & Board Films 2

Sunday - Young Adventurers Films 2 | Young Adventurers Films 1 | Too Cool For School | Teen Screen | Climb Films 3 | Climb Films 4