A short film describing how Jon Wilson, who lost his leg to cancer, uses mountain biking to sink his teeth back into life.
Jon climbs a singletrack in Vermont, USA.


Running time

6 minutes

Country / Nationality




Our Judges say:

An inspiration and 100% earns his descent.

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

After losing his leg, this rider was determined to get back out on the trails. He shows us how it’s done and proves how enabling sport can be. A really inspiring story.

Anna Paxton

Inspiring journey of a one-legged mountain biker

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

As a young adult, Jon Wilson lost his leg to cancer. During his recovery, Jon’s family and friends bought him a bike. He hopped on it and through the pain he felt a rush that he knew was both inspirational and essential. 

 Since that day, mountain biking has played a critical role in helping Jon sink his teeth back into life. Ascend is a six-minute short that attempts to articulate how a passion feeds, nurtures, and elevates one’s physical and spiritual ceiling. Simon Perkins, the film’s director, wanted to give others a glimpse of why he feels lucky to call Jon a friend. 

“Jon does three important things for me in my life: he inspires me; he gives me perspective; and he repeatedly puts me in my place, especially on single track.”