Peak District National Park Authority

As the UK’s first National Park, we are proud to work to protect the Peak District National Park’s special qualities, caring for 555 square miles of pure wonder for us all to share.


The Peak District is Britain's Original National Park, designated in 1951 following decades of campaigning. That passion and enthusiasm continues today. We're champions for the Peak District National Park's special qualities, caring for 555 square miles of pure wonder for us all to share. As well as caring for the Peak District National Park, we want to share our enthusiasm for conservation, landscapes, cultural heritage, access and enabling all our visitors to enjoy our stunning landscapes.
The Peak District National Park is a landscape of contrasts, from wide open limestone plateaus to gnarly gritstone edges, dark peaty moors and beautiful hay meadows – all shaped by people and industry since pre-historic times and we're within easy reach of over 20 million people. Did we mention the sense of adventure and wilderness? - The Peak District offers amazing walking, biking, horse riding and climbing routes for people of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves or simply get away and reflect. The Peak District also provides vital environmental benefits – our peat bogs are amazing storing up to 20 million tonnes of carbon and providing 450 billion litres of drinking water a year and reducing the flood risk to surrounding areas. We have over 1,300 miles of rights of way and more than 1/3 of the National Park is open access land. The Peak District is also home to over 400 scheduled monuments and almost 3,000 listed buildings. We provide important habitats for a wide range of wildlife - we have 158 of the UK priority species here in the Peak District. Oh and we play an important role in the visitor economy with over 12 million visitor days a year. In short your National Park is amazing! Help us to keep it that way. Come and speak to us at ShAFF to find out more about our ambitious Mend Our Mountains campaigns for the iconic Great Ridge and Cut Gate Bridleway. Support us to be the best possible custodians of this amazing place.