For The Love Of Mary

A 97-year-old man runs the same race every year in loving memory of his wife, Mary.



Kirk Horton, Simon Perkins


Kirk Horton, Simon Perkins


George Etzweiler


Northeast Delta Dental, Mt. Washington Auto Road

Running time

6 minutes

Country / Nationality

United States

Our Judges say:

What happens when an 90 year old unstoppable force meets an immovable object? 🤔 Watch and find out

Ed Birch Director of Salt-Street productions

Still completing races in his 90s, an elderly runner shares a lifetime of memories.

Anna Paxton

We could all wish for such love.

Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, 'Creative Consultant'.

Kirk first met George during the filming of his senior thesis at Middlebury College. The film, surrounding senior citizen runners, led him to the “New England Legend” that was George Etzweiler. After seeing the film, Simon contacted Kirk, and the two agreed that George’s story was one that had to be told to a wider audience. The two filmmakers, formerly player and coach on the Men’s Soccer Team at Middlebury, chased George up Mt. Washington during the race’s 2017 competition, and then followed him around State College, PA for a day in September. His quips and stories will stay with them long after the film stops circulating. NOTE – George just recently completed the 2018 Mt. Washington Road Race, beating his 2017 time by a full minute, at the impressive age of 98!