12 000 km

A ski- and snowboard adventure, starting in Sweden and taking us with ferries and the Trans Siberian railway through the deepest parts of Russia all the way to Japan.



Erik Nylander


Erik Nylander


Matteus Lestage, Sibylla Lundström, Evgeniy Joon Ivanov, Johan Rosén, William Larsson, Tom-Oliver Hedvall


Protect our Winters, Film Västernorrland, Haglöfs

Running time

28 minutes

Country / Nationality


The prevailing climate threat makes a bunch of Swedish and Russian extreme skiers/snowboarders take trains and boats from Stockholm all the way to Japan, in search of powder and an adventure of a lifetime. 

Along the world longest train ride they make various stops in Siberia's deep and frostbitten forests, to explore unridden mountains and getting to know the special Russian culture from the inside. A big bunch of humor, culture and world class riding sums up this epic journey.