Pacific Lines

A story of cultural identity and adventure on the remote sea cliffs of 'Eua in the Kingdom of Tonga.
Photo: Lee Cossey



Brett Williams, & Simon Waterhouse


Brett Williams, &, Simon Waterhouse



Running time

24 minutes

Country / Nationality

Australia, New Zealand

Our Judges say:

Climbing back to your roots, across generations and land boundaries

Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, 'Creative Consultant'.

A story of cultural identity and rock climbing exploration as we follow one of Australia’s top rock climbers – 14 year old Angie Scarth-Johnson – on an adventure to a remote and rugged island in the South Pacific. After smashing climbing records around the world, Angie is now looking for her next challenge. She will journey to the Pacific island of ‘Eua with her family and friend Lee Cossey to explore her own ancestry, and search for a classic line on the wild frontier of rock climbing development. PACIFIC LINES is an inspiring, heartfelt and fun story about one of the most human subjects – identity. By exploring her family’s past, she can forge her own path ahead.