The Line Between Good and Evil

The gripping first ski descent of "The Peak of Evil"
Photo: Hilaree Nelson ponders fate on the first ski descent of Papsura. Photo: Chris Figenshau



Ben Clark


Hilaree nelson, Jim Morrison, Chris Figenshau, Johnny Collinson Rick Armstrong


The North Face, Clif Bar

Running time

14 minutes

Country / Nationality

India, USA

The Line Between Good and Evil traces the route of The North Face team captain, Hilaree Nelson, on her two decade vision to summit and ski 21,252' Papsura. The peak, one of a pair of Indian Himalayan Peaks are referred to as "The Peaks of Good and Evil". As viewers journey with Hilaree from her first Indian Himalayan expedition in 1999 until 2017, the commitment to the line she would ski and the line she would have to walk for half her life to attempt it are exposed. This film is a harrowing account of the deepest commitment to the grips of dreams.