Crux follows Harvey, a recovering addict who uses rock climbing to work through his ongoing struggle with mental health.
Harvey Wright - Split Pillar, Squamish BC



Zac Hoffman, Casey Dubois


Zac Hoffman, Casey Dubois


Arc'teryx, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Climb On Equipment, Clif Bar, Wirth Hats, Obabika

Running time

34 minutes

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Our Judges say:

This absolutely blew me away, and got me psyched to try hard on rock.

Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, 'Creative Consultant'.

Life can be beautiful. Life can be messy. Add in the struggles of addiction and life can often become overwhelming. As trauma, depression, heartbreak and declining mental health were woven into Harvey Wright’s internal fabric, so was rock climbing. Climbing gave him purpose and helped him to connect with nature, with others and with himself. Passion and healing followed but his mental health was to be massively tested by the global pandemic, with self-isolation forcing Harvey away from the climbing lifestyle. Crux tells the story of Harvey’s recovery as he learns to love himself amidst the mountains of his life.  

Sustainability Notes 

Although our film isn’t specifically about sustainability, it was always on our minds throughout the process. We made a conscious effort to shoot this film with a very small crew, and without traveling long distances, both of which lessened our impact on the earth. The outdoors are such an integral part of our protagonist’s mental health, so we felt it was incredibly important that we treat the earth with the utmost respect as we used it for the production of our film.