Pedal Through

Pedal Through, a genre-pushing adventure documentary about three black women bikepacking through Oregon’s backcountry.


Running time

14 minutes

Our Judges say:

Refreshing film about stepping outside your comfort zone and starting out in new sports.

Jimmy Hyland

How MTB can get you out of your comfort zone na help you grow as a person.

Simon Taylor

A marvellous, gentle, heartfelt film about three black female bike packers

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

Pedal Through invites us into the world of director-lead Analise Cleopatra as she discovers the healing and joy of mountain biking. Analise had never camped or ridden a bike off the pavement when she decided to plan a week-long mountain biking trip with an all black female team: her close friend and fellow newcomer to the sport, Day Toliver, and professional mountain biker Brooklyn Bell. Together, they traverse the Oregon backcountry on an adventure full of exploration, curiosity, waterfalls, old growth forest, sparkling starscapes, joy, struggle, and deep healing. With raw authenticity, Analise shares all the intimate foibles, fear, fun and beauty of discovering her place in the outdoors. The landscape opens to greet her as she learns to lean into uncertainty, accept support and trust herself on this wild ride.