Project Wild Women

Project Wild Women encloses how women despite their pre-decided boundaries have broken through the mainstream and achieved what was never imagined in Indian society.
In photo- Basica Salam teaching kids longboarding



Kopal Goyal

Running time

23 minutes

Country / Nationality


Our Judges say:

Strong women achieving their dreams in sports that haven't always been accessible to them.

Jimmy Hyland

"What will you achieve by climbing mountains?"

Paul Hodgson Music Judge

The filmmaker, 26, born and raised in a small village, wanted to escape the stifling surroundings of her orthodox family. She thought to herself if she is the only one fighting to keep her passion for sports alive or are there other girls like her. With many questions in her mind, she went on a journey across India to find women like her and start a dialogue with them. During the journey, she found 13 women practising 11 different extreme and alternative sports. The film explores her conversations with these women and gives us a glimpse into their life of practising extreme and alternative sports, and what drives these women in a country such as India where women pursuing extreme sports are still looked down upon. 

Sustainability Notes 

This documentary was shot in a very sustainable manner. I was the only one who travelled all around the country to shoot all the girls and they helped me with stay and food by which I saved a lot of money because I already had a very very limited budget for the entire process. I had limited gear and I had to use so many hacks to bring some of the shots. I have tried to highlight the global warming issue and how it is impacting winter sportsperson in certain areas. So basically to shoot the film, I have travelled to places where I have never been before which brought me closer to nature and that I am implementing in my personal life and I became aware of how promoting the sports and certain locations to practice that sports can ruin our environment because mixed people will visit the area and it is not necessary that they will respect the nature. So, as a part of call to action for this film, I have founded Inspire Crew with the motive to educate people about extreme and alternative sports, nature and how extreme sports practitioners and athletes can play an important role, encourage participation beyond gender, age and social status etcetc.