Runners Against Rubbish

Because Binners are Winners


We're Runners against Rubbish, and we're delighted to be part of ShAFF again this year and we can't wait to see you all again! So who are we and what do we do..? We are a small charity, though we're growing and now have over 250 members. Our members are the conscientious ones, just like you - part of the vast majority of runners who would never dream of dropping litter. Our first aim is to turn this majority into everybody, and to make dropping rubbish entirely unacceptable. Whether you run on the roads, trails or fells, you can help us keep our hills, countryside and towns and cities as free of rubbish as possible. Rubbish is unsightly, but more importantly it's dangerous for wildlife and damaging to the environment. The RSPCA estimate over 7000 wildlife incidents each year are caused by rubbish, and the leeching of chemicals from plastic and metal litter pollutes waterways and poisons and kills fish. As a runner, dropping rubbish also makes extra work for race organisers and landowners, potentially jeopardises future events. I am lucky to have taken part in races in spectacular locations around the world. I have met great people and been amazed by the beauty of the world, but every now and then a little wrapper or gel top catches your eye and spoils the moment. I started RAR in 2016 to remind all runners that no-one should be dropping rubbish, and to pick up all the rubbish I see when I'm out running. We now have a network of members all over the UK and around the world who regularly pick up rubbish and encourage others to do the same. If you feel the same way why not join us - head to or join our litterpicking run "Plogging at the Sky's Edge" on Friday night.