Panel Event - Working Together

A pool of water on the moorlands of hte high Oeak District, Tufts of grass and sunglght reflecting from the water. A cloudy sky.
From the film: Working Together: Moors For The Future Partnershiop



4 Mar '23 | 12:30pm


4 Mar '23 | 1:30pm


We can’t do this alone – 20 years of partnership working

A new film ‘Working Together: Moors for the Future Partnership’ celebrates 20 years of partnership working across a vast area of moorland, telling the story of people coming together to protect precious blanket bogs for the benefit of people, the planet and wildlife into the future. It showcases the Partnership’s pioneering peatland restoration work, the evidence that underpins it and the innovative ways of communicating about the importance of blanket bog. The film was produced by Salt Street Productions, directed by Ed Birch and produced by Anna Paxton.

But the story doesn’t end here. Come and watch film and find out more about current work and future plans and how you can get involved through the BMC’s climate project or 1% for the Planet.


Chris Dean, Moors for the Future Partnership

Chris Dean has been head of Moors for the Future Partnership since its inception 20 years ago. The Partnership was set up in 2003 and led by the Peak District National Park Authority. It has raised over £45 million to restore over 34 square kilometres of bare and eroding peat and created 3 square kilometres of native clough woodlands across the Peak District and South Pennines.

Catherine Flitcroft, British Mountaineering Council

Catherine is head of access, environment and sustainability at the BMC. She has a PhD in peat bogs and before joining the BMC worked for the Moors for the Future as science manager. The BMC’s mission to reduce environmental impact and take action against the climate crisis led to the Climate Project which is fundraises for the Partnership’s restoration work.

Emma Crome, Coldhouse Collective

Emma is a filmmaker and producer whose work is rooted in storytelling around the natural world, in particular our human connection to the land in Britain. In 2018, Emma set up the Coldhouse partnership with Moors for the Future through 1% for the Planet, and has recently taken up the role of head of ethics and environment at Coldhouse.


Frit Tam is a British-born Chinese, transgender, award-winning filmmaker, photographer, speaker, podcaster and writer. He co-hosts the transgender podcast called 'TransAtlantic: TransMasc' with fellow trans guy, Ryan Rhys, who is based in the US. Frit runs a film studio, Passion Fruit Pictures, in which his sole mission is to add colour and diversity to the adventure industry through filmmaking, and his two latest films 'Brave Enough' and the award-winning 'The Wanderlust Women' share stories on ageism, colour and religion. Frit has also been in front of the camera, when he cycled and rollerbladed across England last summer on a trip called 'Glide for Pride'. He interviewed over 35 people from the LGBTQIA+ community to tackle the issue of belonging and is currently in post-production for the adventure documentary. And finally, Frit has reignited his YouTube channel to share his own personal journey of the early days of his transition to support anyone else in the early days of their own journey.

Photo courtesy of Edward Ireland-Jones