ShAFF On Tour 2023

An action-packed programme of the best films from ShAFF 2023


Running time

99 minutes


Bluetits kicks off the show with a candid and hilarious look at a group of wild swimmers who are embracing the sport's resurgence. Cerro Abajo Valparaiso was one of this year's Judges' favourites. It goes behind the scenes to look at just what goes into capturing some of the most audacious urban mountain biking footage ever. Lapporten Skyline is the perfect blend of adventure and eye watering visuals as it follows a group of passionate highliners as they attempt to both rig and walk the longest line in the world. Riding The Rails encompasses so many things ShAFF holds dear - exploration, adventure, innovation and companionship, as a couple and their dog build a bespoke 'bike' to explore a disused railway line in close to their home. The Nine Wheels is an emotional portrait of a French family who have taken to the road. Driven by personal circumstances they live in a camper van, moving between Europe's downhill bike parks as the two young boys grow up doing what they love most - racing and jumping. Raw is a short film showcasing the sound of big wave surfing in the Pacific, with equally beautiful imagery. And last, but by no means least, is A New Way Up. Every year at ShAFF we screen a handful of films which really encapsulate the Spirit Of Adventure. A New Way Up is a film about three alpine climbers who translate their love and skills for parascending into a revolutionary approach to accessing remote cliffs in the greater ranges. 

If you are interested in screening this programme of films please contact Jonny at Tull Stories.