40 Years of Bolehills

A documentary telling the stories of 40 years worth of BMX riding in the heart of Sheffield.
3 bicycle riders flying over the large set of jumps at Bolehills BMX track.



Ben Dransfield

Running time

15 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

In 1983 the Sheffield council began constructing several BMX tracks around Sheffield after the spike in the sports popularity throughout the country. Throughout the 80's the phenomenon grew with many city's starting racing teams and clubs to compete in regional and national level. In the bird's nest of Walkley lays Bolehill park, which became host to Sheffield BMX Club in early 1984. Throughout the decades it's seen thousands of races and riders who have gone on to be Olympic and World Champions. It's had many faces and has fought to be maintained by the locals and club committees. However, in the 90's, as the sport of BMX racing started to fade and the rise of freestyle and mountain biking began to take over, the track was nearly completely disregarded and left to ruin.
It took a few strong-minded and passionate individuals to revive it and come the turn of the century, it was once again used as its original purpose. From there the track grew from strength to strength and now, celebrating it's 40th anniversary, has a team of volunteers to help keep it intact and use it as their sandbox playground to create whatever they please. This film documents throughout the 40 years, showing archived footage and photographs as well as sit down interviews with not only the key volunteers of today, but also members of the club and committee throughout the decades including the man who started it all- Roger Bartimote.
This film was created to help tell the story of the track and the people who have helped along the way to make it what you see it is today. It's also to celebrate the amazing community that it hosts today and the hundreds of people who enjoy it on a regular basis. The track is solely run by volunteers and donations and without their hard work, it would not be the marvel it is today. Also, without them, this film would have never been made.
Bolehills Forever.