Watch ShAFF Online

Watch ShAFF Online

ShAFF 2024 Online - We don't have any plans to release ShAFF 2024 online. If this changes we will add details here. 

ShAFF Online - Live Talks Programme

We also organise a programme of live events on Zoom, generally in the winter/darker months. We record them and publish them our Youtube channel where they are free to register and watch. We ask that you consider making a donation to support the festival and the speakers.

ShAFF On Tour

If you'd like to organise a screening in your neck of the woods just drop us a line.

On Demand Archive

Although we love to get something for nothing, paid-for content will really help support filmmakers. Adventure films are usually made by small independent production companies who are currently unable to work, but the great news is that you can invite adventure into your own home for less than the cost of a coffee and cake, or a couple of pints.

  • 2016 (10 films, 567 minutes)
  • 2017 (17 films, 680 mins)
  • 2018 (12 films, 633 mins)
  • 2019 (16 films, 779 mins)

Free Content

During the Covid Pandemic lockdown the ShAFF team revisited past festivals to create weekly watchlists of free online adventure films. We posted a new film, free to view online, at 7pm every day. Watch them one by one, or save them up and screen your own virtual ShAFF session at home. Here are the watchlists we published:

Bespoke Playlists (free to watch)

We also work with our partners to create playlists specifically for them:

  • BMCTV - a long list of all the BMCTV films which have featured at ShAFF over the years (15 films)
  • Made In Sheffield - an even longer list of the films made in Sheffield, or featuring people from Sheffield, in partnership with Buffalo and The Outdoor City (40 films)

ShAFF Bookshop

We've teamed up with the amazing to bring you our very own curated bookshop of adventure reading, sourced from independent book shops. When you purchase from the ShAFF book shop page, we receive a small proportion of the fee.

ShAFF Soundtracks on Spotify