Cath Flitcroft - BMC Climate Project & Sphagnum planting

Why are peat bogs and seagrass so important?
Catherine is in a blue waterproof jacket with a smile on her face, holding up moss in her hand



16 Mar '24 | 4:30pm


16 Mar '24 | 5:15pm

Dr Catherine Flitcroft, Senior Policy and Campaigns Manager at the BMC is responsible for managing the access team, advocacy work, responding to Government policy and public consultations as well as the BMC campaign work. She is also responsible for managing the BMC’s response to the climate and biodiversity crisis. Cath has an academic background in peat bogs, now enjoys walking and running in areas where you might find peat bogs and loves all things second hand. In her talk, she'll be discussing sustainability in the outdoors: helping nature help you. What is the BMC doing to try and tackle the climate emergency and why are peat bogs and seagrass so important? Can we restore nature to help ourselves? Is it too late? What can the outdoor sector do to help? All of these things will be discussed and more.