Dreamline - A Mountainboard Marathon

Two of the UK's best mountainboarders showcase their unique sport.
Two mountainboarders performing freestyle tricks.



Haero Boards, MBS Mountainboards

Running time

9 minutes

Country / Nationality


Adam and Emlyn are two are the UK's best mountainboarders. They have collaborated to create a unique new film in which they travel around the country in search of their dream lines.
These two riders have pushed themselves by having to perform their best freestyle tricks back-to-back (in a line), leaving little room for error. The concept of Dreamline is to use clever camera transitions to make the film seamlessly flow between locations and riders, resulting in a continuous mountainboard marathon line.
Adam and Emlyn spent many hours finding locations, attempting tricks and thinking of clever camera transitions to make this film come together. They are now really excited to share Dreamline with you lovely people.