Patagonia "For The Love of The Sea" & "The Custodians" screening

Protect the ocean so it can protect us
Two film posters sit side by side. On the left is "For The Love of Sea" and on the right is "The Custodians"



16 Mar '24 | 3:30pm


16 Mar '24 | 4:15pm

This session will be led by Lisa Douglas, Patagonia's Community Marketing and Impact Manager for Northern Europe. Lisa activates Patagonia’s Marketing and Enviro initiatives within her region and will be talking to you about why Patagonia is working with others on Ocean Protection, showcasing two stories from their recent campaign ("For The Love of Sea" and "The Custodians") where communities are taking matters into their own hands and showing us how we can work with, not against, our ocean. Our future is tied to the ocean. Its shared seas connect us through food, culture and sport. The home of amazing, abundant life, the ocean is also a powerful climate solution.