A short documentary about the joy of tall bicycles.
Jon stands behind his tall bike on a cycle path



Joel Porter, Alex Moore


Joel Porter, Alex Moore

Running time

15 minutes

Country / Nationality

United Kingdom

Frankenbiking is a short documentary passion project, created by filmmaking duo Joel Porter & Alex Moore. The film features Jon Thompson of TOMO bikes and Petor Georgallou, a former bike builder known by 'Dear Susan' and now the director of Bespoked - the handmade bike show. We delve into the world of those taking cycling to new heights - celebrating fun, silliness and creativity whilst exploring how and why people react to the unusual and unseen. A SWAMP films production. Produced, Directed and Cinematography by Joel Porter & Alex Moore. Written & Edited by Joel Porter. Illustration - Lydia Wonham. Animation - Joel Porter & Lydia Wonham. Sound Recordist - Tom Nott. Sound Mastering - Ben Porter.