Hannah Bailey - "Thrawn" screening + Q&A

Screening + Q&A with filmmaker Hannah Bailey
A snowboarder in a yellow jacket looks out onto a mountainous view. The text onscreen reads "Patagonia Presents Thrawn"



16 Mar '24 | 5:30pm


16 Mar '24 | 6:15pm

In the Scottish Highlands, the word “thrawn” means “stubborn,” but in a good way. It’s a virtuous struggle to make the most of what’s available. Professional snowboarder Lesley McKenna was raised on thrawn, and she has spent her life pushing the boundaries of her sport while advocating for the people and the place that shaped her. Hannah Bailey is the filmmaker behind this incredible new film for Patagonia. She is a passionate award-winning photographer, director and producer - her work as a storyteller has focused on individuals, communities and projects that highlight outdoor sports for environmental or societal good. Driven to push these stories and messages, she hopes to support the outdoors community in being passionate advocates for change. Her Patagonia Film, Thrawn is a part of that.