A slow journey through the human and natural history of Meersbrook in Sheffield with soundtrack by Liz Hanks.
Overgrown plants and trees by a blue building.


Running time

4 minutes

A film by Lumo (Andy Brown and Marcus Sarko) with a soundtrack taken from the album 'Land' by Liz Hanks (Hudson Records). 'Meer' was shot over a series of early autumn mornings in 2022 in the areas of Meersbrook and Gleadless in Sheffield. The film explores the resilience of green spaces in the face of urban development, and the shifting city landscapes and recognises the inevitable loss of nature within the urban environment. The film also celebrates the remaining green pockets and vast expanses of urban woodland that collectively shape our 'outdoor city'. 'Meer' means boundary. The local brook (the Meers Brook), is widely believed to have formed part of the frontier line between the ancient kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia. People have walked across this boundary for thousands of years, their stories long forgotten. 'Land' has an accompanying walking app that guides listeners on a multi-sensory journey through the areas of Meersbrook, Heeley, and Gleadless, allowing them to experience the music in the locations that inspired it. The app is free to use at any time and aims to encourage community slow adventure and discovery.