A British bicycle film encompassing everything that is best about riding in the UK - the riders, locations, landscapes, iconic brands and shite weather of the British Isles
Fergus Lamb and Joe Barnes descending a trail in the Scottish Highlands.



Ben Howells / Pilchard Productions


Ben Howells / Pilchard Productions

Running time

51 minutes

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Shot around the UK over the past 2 years and narrated by 'The Voice of Mountain Biking', Rob Warner, Shires encompasses a broad range of riders, racers, freeriders, and world champions. Riders include many of the best in the UK, featuring Steve Peat, Bernard Kerr, Mikayla Parton, Joe Barnes, Jake 100, Rob Warner, Jack Carthy, Rob Welch, Sam Hockenhull, Joel Anderson, Harry Schofield, Tom Justice, Jess Stone, Ben Gerrish and many more. Created by UK/Canadian film production outfit Pilchard Productions and supported by Hope Technology, Ohlins Suspension, Starling Bikes and Peaty's Products.