River Stewardship Company

Delivering Social Impact & Volunteering Through Waterways Management


River Stewardship Company designs and delivers sustainable waterways management throughout Yorkshire and beyond. We have a highly skilled, in-house team who run specialist projects which aim to restore and maintain healthy waterways and all the benefits they bring, through quality, innovative professional services. At the core of our business remains our social enterprise aims which are delivered through Riverlution. Riverlution is a programme of activities, designed and delivered by us and our partners, to engage and connect with volunteers, communities and schools. We deliver events and offer skills and support to enable people to enhance their local waterways. This doesn’t just contribute to the environmental legacy we strive for – it creates lasting connections between people and the places that matter to them.
We focus on delivering both engagement and environmental benefits. One way we deliver this is through our regular and high-impact volunteer days which enable people to get involved in enhancing waterways. We focus on reducing flood risk by tackling litter and debris which enables us to transform riverbanks for both people and wildlife. In addition, we deliver skills development and engagement activities around wildlife identification and recording, practical conservation skills, and health and wellbeing.
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