Sad Alien Climbing

Developers and manufacturers of Seeing Stars Training System


Sad Alien Climbing was born from a history of high-quality engineering and a passion for climbing. The passion for climbing comes from our Managing Director, who is a dedicated climber. Although he first climbed in the Peak District in his late teens, his passion was re-energised just before turning 40. He has gone on to climb all over the world, enjoying indoor climbing as well as sport and trad. climbing. Sometimes he's even seen with a bouldering pad! Our HQ is in Nottingham, very near to several indoor climbing centres and only a 30-minute drive from the Peak District. About Seeing Stars Training System In recent years, research into finger strength training has led the way in increasing the knowledge of coaches and the capabilities of climbers. While this development has been invaluable, in our opinion there hasn’t been enough focus on the need for shoulder, back and core strength and stability in conjunction with the use of finger strength. Seeing Stars has been developed as a modular training system which can be small enough to fit over your doorway or extended to fill an entire training wall. The Base Stations are mounted to a vertical face and the Modules positioned to suit the climber’s training programme, for example, changing the width of the hand position while retaining the style of hand grip. Modules can also be rotated to enable unique training positions, giving the opportunity for focused shoulder and core training programmes. While Seeing Stars combines the known advantages of traditional finger boards / hangboards, campus rungs and peg boards, it is so much more than any of these. Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, one of the best things about Seeing Stars is that it puts the fun back into training. While traditional training protocols may be effective, no one can deny that they can become repetitive. Even the most dedicated climbers would concede that they’re bored of the same old routines. Seeing Stars offers an interesting and varied training experience with its ability to change holds, positions and rotations.