The Ultimate Fan

Bill Hooper has spectated at every Leadville Trail 100 run since 1988 and every Hardrock 100!



Dean Leslie


Greg Fell & Dean Leslie


Bill Dooper



Running time

9 minutes

Country / Nationality

Filmed in Leadville Colorado, and in California (USA)

Our Judges say:

A new and different angle to covering races again from Salomon, from the point of view of a much-loved retiree who lives his life vicariously through the racers and encourages them through thick and thin.

Claire Maxted Claire Maxted

Great to see home of ultras like western states, Leadville and hard rock

David Hanney

We would like you to meet Bill Dooper. Hailing from the high-altitude mining town of Leadville Colorado, Bill has a deep love for the sport of Ultra-Trail Running. He has spectated at every Leadville Trail 100 Run since 1988 and every Hardrock 100. And he has never run an Ultra. In this film we go on a once in a lifetime journey with Bill – getting to know who is and where his love for the sport stems from, as we unveil a story of true appreciation and friendship. Bill Dooper is…. The Ultimate Fan.