The People Behind ShAFF

There is an amazing team of people that help make ShAFF happen every year. From volunteers, to judges find out more below about this talented team. If you'd like to get involved in ShAFF (by which we mean doing lots of hard work in return for a free T-shirt), please get in touch, ideally sending a photo of yourself in a silly hat.

ShAFF ambassadors are climbers, bikers, runners and other active folk who live in or near sheffield and who are famous within their circles. Check out the list of ambassadors who have endorsed ShAFF and what it's all about. there are links to their blogs and websites plus a bit of info about each of them. Being an ambassador means tickets to the festival too, so you might well bump into them in the bar.

Anna Paxton


Anna is a mountain runner, climber, adventure journalist and film producer, most recently producing Britain's Abandoned Playgrounds, a six part series for Channel 4 with Salt Street Productions. Sheffield born and bred, Anna is always inspired by Sheffield's outdoor community and says "For as long as I've been climbing and running, I've always been excited when ShAFF comes around. It's a place for our amazing outdoor community to come together and share inspiration and a few beers." Through her work she seeks to shine a light on the incredible stories and female role models in the outdoor world. These can be found on her website, Outdoorista. Anna works as sponsor and ambassador liaison for ShAFF, and this year joins the team of judges for the first time.

Anna Paxton's Films at ShAFF18

Benjamin Sadd

Ben is a filmmaker and cameraman. His work spans documentary, drama and adventure films with a focus on natural history filmmaking. He has worked both independently and collaboratively on films such as the multi award winning documentary Jago: A Life Underwater, Rise of the Warrior Apes, and South Korea: Earth's Hidden Wilderness. As an adventure filmmaker, Ben combines a passion for beautiful places and images with a fascination for how our experience is shaped by our environment. His travels have increasingly led him to believe that documenting the lives of indigenous communities and cultures is as important as the adventure itself. Ben is continually exploring the potential of adventure filmmaking to not only show human acts of heroism - conquering rivers or mountains - but also to raise awareness of environmental issues in the wilderness that we love.

Benjamin Sadd's Films at ShAFF18

Ben Page

Ben Page is a multi-award winning filmmaker, adventurer and photographer based in the UK. He spends his time travelling to some of the world's remotest corners under human power in search of wild and diverse adventures and experiences. Most notably he recently completed a three year bike around the world, a journey which has been featured by the BBC, GQ, Red Bull and The Yorkshire Post amongst others. His highly acclaimed films have appeared in more than 30 international film festivals winning numerous awards:

Ben Page's Films at ShAFF18

Ben Pritchard

Ben is a Sheffield based cameraman. He has made award winning films since 2000.

Ben Pritchard's Films at ShAFF18

Claire Carter

Judge and Presenter

Claire is a writer and filmmaker, alongside juggling numerous jobs in the Outdoor Industry such as working with Kendal Mountain Festival as the Film Officer and the Outdoor Industries Association as Engagement Officer. Being Head Judge for ShAFF means she watches adventure films all year road. She has quite square eyes these days, and very strong fingers from gripping the sides of her arm chair.

Dom Bush

Magic and melody from a big mix of genres. Expect Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Electro and Breaks from Lunchbox Athlete.


Dora Damian

Freelance Photographer & Videographer

I’ve always had a flair for storytelling which manifests itself across various genres, from fine art to adventure sports. Whether it's capturing athletes who constantly push their limits, or a landscape changed through human interaction, it became apparent that there’s a common denominator in my work: the human presence - and its traces.

Dora Damian's Films at ShAFF18

Ed Birch

Judge, Filmmaker & ShAFF trailer director

Salt Street Productions, Filmmaker, judge and ShAFF Trailer Producer Ed is the founder and Director of Salt Street Productions, a Sheffield based production company that makes bold and exciting films about action sports. Ed set up Salt Street while still at Sheffield Hallam University, and his career started at ShAFF when we showcased his first adventure sports documentary RED RUN. Ed says "Over the years I've lived in Sheffield I've seen ShAFF grow from strength to strength and I do my utmost to help continue this growth. ShAFF is a fantastic film festival, one of the biggest adventure sports festivals worldwide. I feel very privileged to be a part of it." Ed is a filmmaker, judge, and producer of the ShAFF trailer. He's spent most of this year producing Britain's Abandoned Playgrounds, a six part series for Channel 4 in which a crew of skilled young urban athletes travel the UK breathing new life into derelict locations.

Ed Birch's Films at ShAFF18

Elise Wicker

Judge & Presenter

Elise Wicker is an award-winning shoot-edit video producer with over 6 years experience at the cutting edge of digital innovation at the BBC. She's passionate about making beautiful, talked-about content and has produced programmes for a global, multilingual audience, reaching over 200 million people in a range of formats. She produced the most-viewed feature video on the BBC News website in 2016 which had 5 million unique hits and was nominated for 5 awards winning a ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2016 Association of International Broadcasting Awards.


Emma Crome


Emma Crome's Films at ShAFF18

Hannah Maia

A filmmaker who loves to take on adventures usually under the guise of Maia Media. Enjoys swimming in wild places, camping out and riding bikes. Has recently become obsessed with doodling on her iPad.

Hannah Maia's Films at ShAFF18

Ian Derry


Ian Derry's Films at ShAFF18

Ian Parnell

Ian Parnell is one of the UK's leading mountaineers, co-editor of Climb Magazine and a Sheffield resident for the last 15 years. 'It's been exciting to see SHAFF grow over the years to take it's place amongst the world's leading adventure festivals, and become a showcase for all the best that The Peak District and Sheffield have to offer as a centre for British adventure.'

Jake Thompson

ShAFF photographer

Jake Thompson is a Sheffield-based adventure photographer and filmmaker. With a wide range of experience in shooting sport and travel, he thrives when capturing moments in hard-to-reach, inspiring places. As an ambitious, passionate and motivated individual, Jake is working hard to establish himself as frontrunner in the adventure media industry.

Jake Thompson's Films at ShAFF18

Jenna Selby

Jenna is a skateboarder and freelance photographer/film maker based in London. She started photographing her friends at Southbank in the late 90’s. By 2002 Jenna was riding for, and working with international shoe brand Gallaz covering their UK team. Jenna has since shot images for a variety of national and international publications, online magazines and companies. After breaking her ankle in 2008 Jenna turned her attention to film making, creating the first European female skate film ‘As If, And What?’ This was followed up by a second European female-lead skate film in 2015: Days Like These. Her latest project Scratch the Surface is a short film, a precursor to a larger project focusing on female riders around the world.

Jenna Selby's Films at ShAFF18

Jimmy Hyland

Jimmy is a young photographer and film maker based in Buxton, Derbyshire. He has had a number of films play at ShAFF over the past few years. These films include Mohon which is Jimmy's 'Cyclomentuary' form a solo cycle trip across Mongolia. ShAFF had been pivotal in kickstarting Jimmy's film career.

Jimmy Hyland's Films at ShAFF18

Menna Pritchard


Menna is a filmmaker, writer and designer based in Chamonix. She has worked for a number of outdoor brands and companies, with projects varying from advertising campaigns and editorial pieces to production work for the BBC. Menna studied Fine Art and worked in PR in Brighton before moving ‘home’ to Wales and going back to school, gaining a first-class degree and PGCert in Outdoor Education, where her research focused on physical literacy and the extinction of childhood experiences within nature. These foundations have enabled her to build a career that combines her passions. A sleep-deprived mother of two; when not stuck behind a camera or laptop, she enjoys climbing, skiing and being in the hills with her family. Menna is the Producer of Magnetic Mountains.

Menna Pritchard's Films at ShAFF18

Paul Diffley

Paul founded Hot Aches Productions in 2004 and has gone on to produce many highly acclaimed adventure films, picking up over 40 awards in the process. As well as creating his own productions under his Hot Aches label, Paul also works as a freelance cameraman, director and editor for the broadcast industry. His experience ranges from hanging off ropes filming live outside broadcasts of rock climbing to following adventurers and athletes pushing their limits. Paul is equally at home shooting video in challenging mountain environments using ropes and rigging gear as he is conducting an intimate and sensitive interview in a subject’s home. Aside from his professional interest in adventure sports as a filmmaker, Paul is a lifelong rock climber and general outdoor enthusiast with a love of mountain environments and a passion to portray their special qualities through the medium of film.

Paul Diffley's Films at ShAFF18

Pete Whittaker

Pete grew up in the Peak District just a stone's throw away from Sheffield. Having the Gritstone edges on his doorstep for all his life, he has grasped the opportunity to embrace the outdoors, great landscapes and unique climbing on the Gritstone. He has taken techniques learnt from his local climbing and has now applied them to great effect all over the world. To date, at only 21, he has made numerous first ascents and difficult repeats in the UK, Europe and America. You can hear Pete talk about his journey as he describes and illustrates a behind-the-scenes look at the wild world of wide-crack-climbing at ShAFF on Sunday 3rd March Sponsors: Patagonia / Wild Country / 5.10 / Sterling Ropes

Pete Whittaker's Films at ShAFF18

Richard Berry


Richard Berry's Films at ShAFF18

Rich Heap

There's an independence to the thinking in Sheffield that is very seductive. Following whims I fell in to climbing and then film making. 15 years later I'm still here trekking out to the peak when I have time. We've been involved in SHAFF since the off and the screening of our Dragon's Back film at the festival was the highlight to my 2013.

Rich Heap's Films at ShAFF18