We work incredibly hard at ShAFF to make sure that we have the best selection of adventure films we possibly can.

We announce the winners ahead of the festival to allow the audience to make sure they see the best films of the year and decide whether they agree with our judges.

You can see which films won awards in previous years in our archive.

Best Film

Our Grand Prize

Best Artistic Film

Best Artistic Film

Best Bike Film

Sponsored by A Different Gear

Best Bike Film

Best Climbing Film

Sponsored by Rab Equipment

Best Climb Film

Best Made in Sheffield Film

Sponsored by Buffalo Systems

First awarded in 2015 to reflect the increasing quality and quantity of films being made in and around Sheffield and/or featuring local athletes.

Best Running Film

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Best Running Film

Best Short Film

Best Short Film

Best Soundtrack

An award created in 2015, judged by Sheffield DJ and producer Paul Hodgson, aka Grievous Angel.

Best Spirit of Adventure Film

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Best Spirit Of Adventure Film

Best Women In Adventure Film

Sponsored by BMC

Created in 2015 to reflect our drive to encourage more female producers, directors and featured athletes on the big screen.

Body Of Water

The documentary, Body Of Water, spends a winter following wild swimmer Gilly McArthur on her mental and physical journey to seek out remote, icy waters. From the windswept mountain tarns of her home in the Lake District to frozen lochs in the Scottish Highlands, one thing is clear; the search for ice is not as easy as it used to be. Diving straight into the heart and mindset of the cold water swimmer, this film provides a window into a world that many can't comprehend, illustrating why this niche pastime is so compelling and full of joy for those who are bold enough to try it. Taking the audience on an immersive and deeply meditative journey, Body Of Water shows us how regular interaction with our natural surroundings can help quieten the mind and bring happiness in an ever changing and frantic world.

First Ascent / Last Ascent

Best friends Hazel Findlay and Maddy Cope journey to the rocky outer reaches of Mongolia, on a quixotic search for new trad routes.


Skivas is a short 12 minutes movie project by Coline Ballet-Baz. After many years competing, Coline wanted to go back to what made her excited for freesking at the beginning : friendship, freedom and constant discovery. Through this movie, Coline wants to show that freeski is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, an art. 10 women with a collective purpose to show that women can now performed in action sports. 10 of the best women skier and snowboarders on the planet meet during the 2020 winter over the world and perform in all type of environment. From the streets of Quebec to the big mountains of Chamonix through the backcountry in la Rosière, performance is a must.

Judges Special Mention

Every year at ShAFF the judges meet to decide on the top three films in each of our prize categories, but invariably there are a handful of films that come up time and time again in discussion, but don't make it onto the podium. These are those films.